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A deconstruction report IOC/Luca Delachaux

To capitalise on the experience acquired and identify the key factors in a reuse approach to architecture, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) commissioned an architecture student who had played an active part in the Youth for Reuse workshop to produce a report. His report describes the approach, the results and some of the encouraging stories linked to the deconstruction. With this report, the IOC hopes to inspire other organisations thinking about undertaking careful deconstruction to consider reuse, selective demolition and recycling.

“By organising the Youth for Reuse workshop and commissioning a report on deconstruction, the IOC helped to raise the awareness not only of students, of whom I was lucky enough to be one, but also everyone involved in the building project, starting with the IOC staff. This initiative allowed the organisation to open the doors of an area which is still little explored: deconstruction.”

Raphaël Bach
EPFL architecture student


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