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An innovative partnership: IOC – EPFL IOC/Catherine Leutenegger

In addition to the existing reuse possibilities proposed by the firm in charge of managing the waste products from the deconstruction, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) wanted to involve young people in its project. As a result, a few weeks before work got under way, the IOC and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) concluded an innovative partnership agreement. This partnership took the form of a workshop: Youth for Reuse, organised by Archizoom and the EAST-EPFL laboratory, in collaboration with two specialised international architecture offices: ROTOR (Brussels) and AFF Architects (Berlin). In February 2016, the IOC invited 23 architecture students, of various nationalities and in different years of study, and asked them to study different ways of reusing the existing materials. The whole building was scanned and each element studied and assessed, with a view to preparing the ground for future projects. After a week of work, experiment and dismantling, the 23 students and the experts accompanying them were in a position to present numerous concrete ways of reusing materials for educational and social purposes, as well as various recycling options.

"The team spirit between the IOC staff and the EPFL team was, from my point of view, excellent, precisely because both sides were able to alternately take on the roles of coach and athlete."

Martin Fröhlich, Associate Professor of Architecture, EPFL

The 23 students of different nationalities and years of study who took part in the workshop were:

Name Year of study Name Year of study
Alhanko Christoph Master, 2nd Lai Melanie Bachelor, 3rd
Audemars Julien Bachelor, 3rd Le Drean Marie Bachelor, 3rd
Bach Raphaël Master, 1st Loeb Agathe Bachelor, 3rd
Benaboud Marie Master, 2nd Merle d'Aubigne Louis Intern
Bietry Marlon Intern Perdios Theodore Master, 2nd
Bitschnau Valerian Intern Radat Philippine Bachelor, 3rd
Bonbon Raphael Bachelor, 3rd Savoy Anne-Michèle Bachelor, 3rd
Borodai Karina Master, 1st Schönenberger Manuela Intern
Diem Basile Intern Thimonier Clémence Bachelor, 3rd
Espinós Torredemer Margarita Master, 1st Vetterli Noémi Bachelor, 3rd
Genzoni Salome Master, 2nd Zangger Simon Master, 2nd
Guillard Loris Master, 2nd    

They were supported by the following experts from companies or associations specialising in deconstruction and reuse:

Name Company Name Association
Fuhrmann Roland Artis, Berlin Lippok Sebastian EPFL-EAST
Zeimer Robert AFF Architects Fröhlich Martin EPFL-EAST
Haerlingen Renaud ROTOR, Brussels Veillon Cyril EPFL-ARCHIZOOM
Lasserre Benjamin ROTOR, Brussels Vitacca Valentino EPFL-EAST

With the participation of representatives of local authorities:

Pont Philippe Canton de Vaud

Pittet Denis 
  Lausanne 2020

As well as representatives of the IOC project team:

Sallois Dembreville Marie

Tribolet Thierry 

Rogemond Nicolas 
Navajas Ergüín Paula
Nersting Søren   3XN        
Meyer Alexandre   ABL        


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