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An ambitious deconstruction IOC/Luca Delachaux

Right from the start of the project, sustainable development has been one of the five key success factors of the programme to enlarge the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in Lausanne. Indeed, since the architecture competition was launched in February 2013, the IOC has made sustainability a priority.

In the architecture competition, the candidates were asked to try to retain the existing administration buildings. In spite of their efforts, none of them was able to propose a project which met the requirements of the specifications whilst retaining the existing buildings (apart from the Château de Vidy, a Canton of Vaud historic monument). As a result, the only option was to demolish them. So the IOC developed an ambitious approach of careful deconstruction and selective demolition.

As a result of the various cooperation projects and initiatives put in place, 95 per cent of the materials which made up the former IOC administration buildings were recycled or reused.

"It is an outstanding project that aims to make outstanding efforts."

Charline Seytier, Themaverde, LEED ® certification specialists


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