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Carrie Graf IOC

The IOC has developed educational and training programmes targeting women at mid- and senior-level positions in NOCs, IFs and NFs. The goals are to increase women’s representation at the highest ranks of the Olympic Movement.

Leadership seminars and training:

Leadership seminars and training have been organised on all five continents since 2006. The objectives are to help women develop leadership skills, to build confidence and to encourage them to stand for elections for positions on boards within the Olympic Movement. The seminars also offer excellent opportunities for networking and sharing.

Specific objectives of the leadership training programmes:

  • provide NOC and NF women, at mid- and senior-level positions, with empowerment, leadership and personal efficiency skills;
  • encourage participants to proactively take up decision-making positions within their organisations;
  • evaluate the situation of women in sport and define the way forward;
  • strengthen the women in sport network and stimulate implementation of national and regional projects for women in sport;
  • encourage women to take a more proactive role in advancing the cause of women in sport; and
  • learn how to inspire and mentor other women and girls.

Learn more about the leadership and talent development workshop in Warsaw, 2015.

Women and Sport workshop IOC

Media workshops:

The role of the media is critical to achieving gender equality in sport. The IOC educational programmes include media workshops targeting men and women who work in sport and media. The workshops raise awareness and educate participants about the importance of the media in promoting gender equality and how to make positive changes in this area.

The workshops help develop strategies and partnerships with the media to improve equal and positive media coverage of men and women. They also aim to improve women’s representation in major sports press associations and media organisations to increase opportunities for female sports journalists.

Learn more about the Doha media workshop.

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