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Women and Sport Awards 2016 IOC/Christophe Moratal

The IOC Women and Sport Trophy represents opportunity, recognition and empowerment.

Each year, the IOC Women and Sport Awards are given to women, men or organisations who have made remarkable contributions to the development, encouragement and reinforcement of women’s participation in sport.

Introduced in 2000, the award highlights role models and change agents in the pursuit of gender equality. Six trophies are distributed each year, one for each of the five continents and one at world level.

The winners’ work to promote gender equality through different projects is also supported with a grant to help them continue and extend their work.

IOC 2018 Women and Sport  Awards:
Invitation letter
General Rules and Regulations
Candidature Form

Spanish version - 2018 Trofeo Mujer y Deporte del COI:
Bases del premio
Formulario para la presentación de candidaturas

Winners of the 2017 IOC Women and Sport Awards

Winners of the 2016 IOC Women and Sport Awards

Watch the whole ceremony here!

Winners of the 2015 IOC Women and Sport Awards

Winners of the 2014 IOC Women and Sport Awards

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