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The goal of gender equality is enshrined in the Olympic Charter, which compels the IOC to “encourage and support the promotion of women in sport at all levels”. The Women in Sport pages display the IOC’s commitment to gender equality in sport.

2018 IOC Women and Sport Trophy

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As a product of its era, the IOC initially had little interest in women’s participation in sport. Times have changed and the IOC has played an important role in establishing a positive trend to enhance women’s participation. This section offers a brief background of women’s participation in Olympic sport and leadership.

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One of the IOC’s priorities, through the Women in Sport Commission, is to actively advocate equality between men and women. The objective consists of raising awareness of the need to ensure equality between men and women as well as to empower women in sport.

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One of the roles of the IOC is to provide tools and funding to help the Olympic Movement achieve its gender-equality goals. This section gives an overview of the IOC support activities for gender equality.

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