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The Pocket Hercules - One of the Greatest Weightlifters

Despite being only 1.47m tall, Naim Suleymanoglu nicknamed “the pocket Hercules” proved the world to be one of the greatest weightlifters of all time. In 1996, Naim breaks his own world record to claim the 64kg Olympic title, becoming the first weightlifter to win gold at three different Olympics. Weightlifting 64Kg Men's Final - Atlanta 1996 Summer Olympics - Naim Suleymanoglu (TUR), Valerios Leonidis (GRE), Xiao Jiangang (CHN)

56 - 60kg, total (featherweight), 59 - 64kg, press (featherweight), Atlanta 1996, Barcelona 1992, SÜLEYMANOGLU, Naim, Turkey, Weightlifting, Men,

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