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Naidan Wins First Gold For Mongolia

Tuvshinbayar Naidan claims Mongolia's first gold medal as he defeats Ashkat Zhitkeyev of Kazakhstan in men's half-heavyweight judo. Naidan shows more aggression at the start of the match, taking a commanding lead, but is unable to score an ippon. Zhitkeyev tries to pin Naidan, but the Mongolian counters with two more throws to win the gold. Judo 100kg Men Final - Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics - Tuvshinbayar Naidan (MGL), Askhat Zhitkeyev (KAZ)

90 - 100kg (half-heavyweight), Beijing 2008, GROL, Henk, Judo, Kazakhstan, MIRALIYEV, Movlud, Mongolia, NAIDAN, Tuvshinbayar, Netherlands, ZHITKEYEV, Askhat, Men,

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