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At the Paris 1924 Olympic Games, track cycling was a distant relative to what we see in the current Olympics. Cyclists competed in an outdoor velodrome without any the protective gear such as helmets, which we see for current athletes.


For 50 kilometer race, the Dutch duo Ko Willems and Jan Maas had previously defined a race plan in which Maas would attack for the lead, getting other athletes fatigued earlier in the race. Meanwhile Willems, who was a strong sprinter, would finish the race.


As cyclists were lapped by the front pack, they would leave the track which narrowed down the competition to the final 15 athletes. In the final laps, the competitors began their sprint lead by Wyld and Alden from Great Britain, De Martino from Italy and Willems on the outside, all equal.


Following their initial plan, Ko Willems' sprint put him ahead of the three taking the gold medal for the Netherlands.


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