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Katja Seizinger - 1st Skier to Defend Downhill Title

In Albertville, Katja Seizinger makes her Olympic debut claiming a bronze medal in the giant super slalom. She became an Olympic champion for the 1st time in 1994, winning the downhill gold medal. Four years later, Katja became the 1st alpine skier to win the downhill gold twice and the 1st female alpine skier to defend an Olympic title. She went on to win gold in the alpine combined event and bronze in the giant slalom. Katja Seizinger (GER) - Alpine Skiing - Lillehammer 1994, Nanago 1998

Alpine Skiing, Downhill, downhill combined, Germany, Lillehammer 1994, Nagano 1998, SEIZINGER, Katja, Lillehammer 1994, Women,

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