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Vancouver 2010, Quatchi and Miga Getty Images North America

Quatchi and Miga


Quatchi and Miga


The Vancouver Games mascots were creatures inspired by the fauna and tales of the First Nations on the West Coast of Canada.
Quatchi is a sasquatch, a popular character from local legend who lives in the forest. He is covered in thick fur and wears boots and earmuffs.
Miga is a sea bear, a mythical animal that is part killer whale and part Kermode bear. The Kermode bear, also called “Bear Spirit” lives only in British Columbia.


Meomi design

Did you know?

The Organising Committee launched a tender among illustration agencies and professionals to which 177 responded. Five designers were selected for a more detailed study of their creation skills. Finally, it was Meomi design that won.

Quatchi and Miga have a friend called Mukmuk, who turned out to be very popular, even if he was not an official mascot. Mukmuk was inspired by a rare and threatened type of marmot that lives only on an island in Vancouver. His name is taken from the word “muckamuck”, meaning food in Chinook. Though at the start he existed only virtually and on paper, later he too had the right to a range of products.

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