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9-11 year-old pupils


Multi-activity programme including an audio-visual presentation and an educational web site.


The OLI mascot, created specifically for this programme, interacts with the children during the presentations.


A 45-minute show is presented in schools or to groups visiting the Olympic House to teach the principles of Olympism and its values. A web site has been created to support this activity.

The National Olympic Committee of Turkey's Culture and Olympic Education Commission has prepared and initiated "Sport Culture and Olympic Education Project" for 4th and 5th grade students in Turkey.

This interactive educational program, prepared with the help of experts, includes the topics of Olympic sports and disciplines, Olympic values, our body and movements during sport, benefits of sport, importance of nutrition, Fair Play, environment and sport. Presentations are being carried our either at Olympic House or at the school halls in different cities of Turkey.

During interactive presentations and video shows, as part of the program, questions asked to the students and small presents were distributed for right answers to Olympic and sport related questions.

A mascot created and named OLI has taken active part at presentations. Participant students sing a song during and at the end of presentations with the mascot OLI.

Surveys were prepared and after each presentation, students were asked about what they learned and if the presentation was effective and made a difference.

Carrying out this project to as many children as possible is crucial for development and promotion of Sport Culture and Olympism in Turkey.


Spread the Olympic values and sports culture among children, their teachers and their families.


Five times per week, a show is organised in a school in a region of the country. Pupils aged from nine to 11 attend a multimedia presentation, including a film and a photo and illustration show.

A mascot called Oli, created specifically for this activity, animates the presentation and interacts with the children throughout the presentation, thus contributing to the attractiveness of the programme and its dynamism.

The subjects presented illustrate various themes: the values and benefits of sport, the importance of nutrition, fair play, sports disciplines, the environment, the history of the IOC and the Olympic Games.

A special web site has been created to accompany the programme. It contains information on summer and winter sports, interactive games, useful links and a sports dictionary.

Communications measures have been implemented to make people aware of the programme: posters and brochures have been published, and information has been disseminated in the press and on television.


Since 2006, when the programme was launched, 2.5 million children have taken part in presentations throughout the country.

Practical advice
  • It is very important to collaborate with experts when working with a certain target age group;
  • The educational programs should be interactive; the children should learn, enjoy and be motivated by the educational program;
  • The program should include questions and answers to keep them focused;
  • The video and questions parts should not last more than 5 minutes;
  • The children should be rewarded for their achievements; the rewards should be handed to them personally
  • getting information about their level is important before and after the presentations; it should be done through questionnaires
  • The interactive presentations should take place at halls where the children get together
  • Creating a mascot is important for children to learn with joy and a mascot is very is a very effective tool
  • it is very important to have a children friendly and sympathetic presenter for the program, who communicates well with the children.
Downloads and useful links

Discover the initiative's web site and meet Oli the mascot at the following link:


The NOC of Turkey has the trademark rights for OLI and logo


Country: Turkey
Organisation: National Olympic Academy of Turkey / Olympic Academy Commission
Contact: Mr. Bilal PORSUN, President of the Culture and Olympic Education Commission, Turkish NOC

Türkiye Milli Olimpiyat Komitesi
4.kısım sonu
34158 Ataköy Istanbul

Phone: +90 212 560 0707
Fax: +90 212 560 0055

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