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Different sized and themed exhibitions are regularly created by The Olympic Museum in Lausanne and made available for use in other countries. The format of these exhibitions varies, from the turnkey exhibition to the dematerialised exhibition.

There are also exhibition’s for children aged 9 to 14 that encourage to move and discover your physical and mental abilities. This is an ideal family activity.


IOC/ Phnom Penh

If you are interested in one of these cultural and educational products, feel free to contact the Culture & Education Hub for more detailed information

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The Culture & Education Hub is available to assist and advise you as you develop your cultural and educational projects. The resources that we provide sometimes require special conditions when they are exhibited. The valuable objects from our collections, for example, must be exhibited in specific museum conditions, and certain images and videos have specific copyright terms and conditions for their usage.

We look forward to receiving your ideas, design, content or implementation for your programme.

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