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Environmental and social responsibility are key criteria in choosing our suppliers and the products that we purchase – whether for employees and visitors who enjoy the IOC’s catering services, the participants at IOC institutional events or the visitors to the TOM Café, the Olympic Museum’s restaurant.

IOC restaurant

For the restaurant for IOC staff and visitors, five sustainability objectives have been set in collaboration with our caterer for the period 2017-20:

  • At least 85% of products must be from responsible supply chains, and at least 50% of farm products must be from organic farming or be IP Suisse certified (status in 2017: 75% and 20% respectively)
  • At least 65% of products must be local (status in 2017: 60%)
  • Reduce food waste by 40% per meal (status in 2017: 530g)
  • Reduce packaging and disposable items by 20% per meal (status in 2017: 5.8 disposable items per meal)
  • Increase the vegetarian range (status in 2017: one-third of hot dishes sold were vegetarian)

TOM Café

Best practices and sustainable development commitments at the TOM Café, the Olympic Museum’s restaurant, have been recognised through the awarding of the Ecocook label in November 2018.

Launched in 2015, the label is issued by an independent certification body, and has been awarded to restaurants in Switzerland, France and Spain. It covers a large number of areas: food and drink, products and equipment, types of menu and food, water and energy, waste, social responsibility, communication, compensation and donations.


The TOM Café is the first restaurant to obtain the highest level of Ecocook certification (four leaves). We hope that this label will also help to raise clients’ awareness of “sustainable catering” and promote the IOC’s exemplary efforts in the field. The next time you go to the TOM Café, don’t forget to look out for the four leaves of the Ecocook certification! To find out more about the TOM Café’s sustainable development commitments, go to the TOM Café website.

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