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LEE Sun-Hee
LEE Sun-Hee

Sun-Hee LEE

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Better than Strong

In order to qualify for the Korean taekwondo team at the 2000 Olympics, 1996 world junior champion Sun-Hee Lee had to defeat two-time world champion Hyang-Mi Cho.

Once at the Sydney Games, Lee began with a 5-1 victory over Kirsimarja Koskinen of Finland and then followed with a 4-1 defeat of Mirjam Mueskens of the Netherlands in the semifinals.

In the first round of the final, the bout had to be stopped briefly when Lee's opponent, Trude Gundersen of Norway, kicked her in the throat.

Despite this setback, Lee scored twice in each round and won 6-3. Lee said that in taekwondo, "It's not the strongest who becomes the winner; it's the one who beats the strongest."




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