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Sochi 2014 Medals Getty Images

On the obverse, the Olympic rings. On the reverse, the name of the event in English and the symbol of the 2014 Games.

The mosaic “patchwork quilt” of national designs from the various culture and ethnicities of the Russian Federation is featured on the metal and polycarbonate parts of both sides of the medal. On the rim, the inscription “XXII OLYMPIC WINTER GAMES” (also in French and Russian).

The medals represent the landscape of Sochi with the snowy mountain tops reflecting the sun’s ray onto the sandy beaches of the Black Sea coast.

Designer: Leo Burnett advertising agencies (Sergey TSARKOV; Alexanda FEDORINA; Pavel NASEDKIN; Sergey EFREMOV)
Composition: 1st Place (Gold; Silver; Polycarbonate), 2nd Place (Silver; Polycarbonate), 3rd Place (Bronze; Polycarbonate)
Diameter: 100mm
Mint: Adamas

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