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  • News | Olympic News

    A quadruple Axel in competition? “Not anytime soon” for world champion Nathan Chen

    There are still landmark achievements to come in figure skating. As the discipline evolves, the number of quadruple jumps is increasing; but there is one that has never yet been performed: the quadruple Axel, already the most difficult jump as a triple. Nathan Chen, the 2018 world champion and quad specialist, does not think anyone will achieve this anytime soon. 
    25 Jan 2019 | Olympic News, Figure Skating, PyeongChang 2018, United States of America
  • News | Sapporo 1972

    Historic gold and legendary podium sweep for Japan’s ski jumpers at Sapporo 1972

    On 6 February 1972, Yukio Kasaya became Japan’s first ever champion at the Olympic Winter Games, with a comfortable victory in the normal hill event at the Miyanomori Ski Jump Stadium in Sapporo. For a country which, until that point, could boast only one winter medal, in Alpine skiing, this proved to be a historic day, as Akitsugu Konno and Seiji Aochi joined their compatriot on the podium for a remarkable triple success.
    06 Feb 2020 | Olympic News, Ski Jumping, Sapporo 1972, Japan
  • RAALM007


    Los Angeles 1932-Triple Jump-NAMBU Chuhei (JPN) 1st.
    Thursday, December 31, 1931 11:00 PM | Photo
  • RAALM049


    Los Angeles 1932-Triple jump-NAMBU Chuhei (JPN) 1st.
    Thursday, December 31, 1931 11:00 PM | Photo
  • RAABM038


    Berlin 1936-Triple jump-TAJIMA Naoto (JPN) 1st.
    Wednesday, August 5, 1936 10:00 PM | Photo
  • SAAGA045


    Amsterdam 1928-Triple jump-ODA Mikio (JPN) 1st.
    Saturday, December 31, 1927 11:00 PM | Photo
  • James Connolly

    James Connolly

    Athens 1896-Athletics-Triple jump-CONNOLLY James (USA)1st.
    Tuesday, December 31, 1895 11:00 PM | Photo
  • Sandy triple jumper

    Sandy triple jumper

    London 2012 - Tosin Oke of Nigeria wears bib number 2573 and a bit of sand as he emerges from the pit in men’s triple jump.
    Thursday, August 9, 2012 4:00 PM | Photo
  • US triple jumpers go one-two

    US triple jumpers go one-two

    London 2012 - US athletes Will Claye (L) and Christian Taylor (R) pose for photos after winning the silver and gold respectively in the triple jump.
    Thursday, August 9, 2012 3:30 PM | Photo
  • Compaore of France

    Compaore of France

    London 2012 - Benjamin Compaore competes in men’s triple jump for France.
    Thursday, August 9, 2012 4:00 PM | Photo
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