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  • News | Sochi 2014

    Olympic Solidarity athletes win medals in Sochi

    Nine athletes supported by the International Olympic Committee’s Olympic Solidarity programme have won medals in the first ten days of competition at the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi.
    17 Feb 2014 | Sochi 2014, Olympic News, Olympic Solidarity
  • News | Sochi 2014

    Unseeded Cologna springs skiathlon surprise

    Switzerland's Dario Cologna powered to victory in the men's skiathlon at Sochi 2014, hanging on to take the line in an enthralling final sprint.
    09 Feb 2014 | Sochi 2014, Olympic News, Cross Country Skiing, Switzerland, COLOGNA, Dario
  • News | Sochi 2014

    Felix Loch, the German speed machine

    Germany’s Felix Loch became the youngest Olympic luge champion in history when he scooped gold at Vancouver 2010 at the tender age of 20. In the following four years he has remained at the top of his sport and heads to Sochi eying double gold and a place in history.
    24 Jan 2014 | Sochi 2014, Olympic News, Luge, Germany
  • News | YOG

    YOG on the Road to Sochi talks to Australian luger Alex Ferlazzo

    A little over four years ago, a teenage boy was hanging out with friends, playing football and doing what teenage boys do in tropical north Queensland. For Alex Ferlazzo, surfing on his longboard, eating ice cream and maybe some fishing were his main priorities.
    11 Dec 2013 | YOG, Sochi 2014, Olympic News
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