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  • News | Montreal 1976

    Renaissance man Drut hurdles to glory - Athletics

    Every now and then, a competitor comes along whose natural talents and athleticism are such that specialising in a single discipline can be something of a headache.
    28 Jul 1976 | Montreal 1976, Olympic News, Athletics, DRUT, Guy, France
  • News | Montreal 1976

    Magnificent Kim supreme in Comaneci’s shadow - Gymnastics

    It is a reflection on much of Nelli Kim’s stellar gymnastics career that she left the 1976 Montreal Olympics with three gold medals and was even then something of a bridesmaid.
    22 Jul 1976 | Montreal 1976, Olympic News, COMANECI, Nadia, Romania, Artistic Gymnastics
  • News | Montreal 1976

    Tsukahara makes a name for himself - Gymnastics

    Japanese gymnast Mitsuo Tsukahara guaranteed himself a place in the Olympic pantheon not just because of his medal triumphs at three editions of the Olympic Games, but equally because of his inimitable creativity.
    18 Jul 1976 | Montreal 1976, Olympic News, Artistic Gymnastics, TSUKAHARA, Mitsuo, Japan
  • News | Montreal 1976

    Andrianov’s Montreal gold rush - Gymnastics

    Nikolay Andrianov was arguably the greatest of the many world-class gymnasts who rolled off the imperious Soviet production line.
    18 Jul 1976 | Montreal 1976, ANDRIANOV, Nikolay, Olympic News, Artistic Gymnastics, USSR
  • News | Innsbruck 1976

    Kubicka thrills Innsbruck with acrobatics on ice

    Figure skater Terry Kubicka may not have left the 1976 Winter Olympics in Austria with a medal – but he provided one of the Games’ most heart-stopping, memorable moments.
    06 Feb 1976 | Innsbruck 1976, Figure Skating, United States of America, Olympic News
  • News | Innsbruck 1976

    Klammer Express storms to downhill gold

    Franz Klammer flying down Patscherkofel – a blur in his bright yellow ski suit, wildly waving his arms and ski poles to stay vertical – is one of the defining images not just of downhill skiing, but also of the history of the Winter Olympic Games.
    05 Feb 1976 | Innsbruck 1976, Alpine Skiing, Austria, Olympic News
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