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  • News | Athens 1896

    Four titles for multi-talented Schuhmann

    Germany’s Carl Schuhmann was arguably the brightest star of Athens 1896. Competing in gymnastics, athletics, weightlifting and Greco-Roman wrestling, he won four gold medals, more than any other athlete at the inaugural modern Games.
    09 Apr 1896 | Athens 1896, Germany, Gymnastics, Weightlifting, Athletics, Wrestling
  • News | Athens 1896

    Great Scot Elliot lifts the Athens crowd

    Named after the city in Tasmania where he was allegedly conceived, Launceston Elliot was born and raised in India, spent most of his adult life in England, but was always a Scotsman in his heart. Born into a prominent family from the Scottish Borders region, and descended from the Earl of Minto, Elliot’s grandfather was the governor of Madras in India, where Launceston was born in 1874.
    07 Apr 1896 | Athens 1896, Great Britain, Weightlifting
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