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  • News | Sochi 2014 Legacy


    All of the 12 sports venues built for the Olympic Winter Games Sochi 2014 are still in use serving multiple functions that include sport, culture, education, tourism and entertainment.
    02 Nov 2019 | Sochi 2014 Legacy, Olympic Venues
  • News | Sochi 2014 Legacy

    Environment and development of ski resorts

    The construction of snow resorts in Krasnaya Polyana raised concerns over its impacts on the UNESCO World Heritage Site Western Caucasus. Responding to these concerns, the IOC worked with the Organising Committee to revisit the initial placement of some of the venues in the Mountain Cluster, namely the Olympic Village; bobsleigh, skeleton and luge track; a cross-country ski and biathlon complex, and a number of infrastructure facilities.
    05 Nov 2019 | Sochi 2014 Legacy, Legacies for Cities
  • News | Los Angeles 1984 Legacy

    Neighbourhood engagement

    The Olympic Neighbour programme was created to help engage communities immediately surrounding Olympic competition venues and one of the three Olympic Villages. Local communities got involved in Olympic-related activities on a volunteer basis; they were consulted on their concerns and asked to show hospitality to the Olympic Games spectators. In total, nearly 30 Olympic Neighbour organisations were created – each with an average of 350 members – to coordinate diverse initiatives. More than 5,000 volunteers took part in activities related to the Olympic Neighbour programme and the various groups related to it. Weekend sports festivals, poster contests and workshops with Olympians were carried out during the following years to further engage these neighbourhoods.
    03 Nov 2019 | Los Angeles 1984 Legacy, Legacies for People
  • PyeongChang 2018 venues | Video

    PyeongChang 2018 venues

    Discover the amazing venues and get ready for the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018. 
  • News | Los Angeles 1984 Legacy

    Sponsor partnerships

    The sponsorship programme at the 1984 Olympic Games became a model for future editions of the Games. It also influenced the development of the IOC's TOP programme, which now generates more than 40 per cent of Olympic revenues.
    01 Nov 2019 | Los Angeles 1984 Legacy, Legacies for Sport
  • Construction of Games venues overall continues to be on track

    Construction of Games venues overall continues to be on track

    Tokyo 2020 continues to demonstrate that the preparations for the Olympic Games are on track with the recent inauguration of the Kasai Canoe Slalom Centre. Built by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the centre will be the home of kayak and canoe slalom during the Games, and post-Games will be open to the public for canoeing and rafting. It is the latest new venue to open on time, and the construction of Games venues overall continues to be on track.
    Tuesday, July 9, 2019 4:04 PM | Photo
  • News | Sochi 2014 Legacy

    Sochi 2014: from the beach to the mountains

    Prior to the Olympic Winter Games Sochi 2014, Sochi was a summer resort on the Black Sea sitting at the base of the Caucasus mountains, with no winter sports tradition. Hosting the Olympic Winter Games was an opportunity for Russia to take advantage of the nearby mountains, regenerate the seaside resort and develop the costal and mountain areas as a year-round tourist destination. Educational and social projects were also at the heart of the Sochi 2014 legacy vision.
    12 Nov 2019 | Sochi 2014 Legacy
  • News | Lausanne 2020

    2020 Vision: Lausanne en Jeux ! set to bring cultural festival to the YOG

    The upcoming Winter Youth Olympic Games (YOG) Lausanne 2020 will not just be about sport. Indeed, the Olympic Capital is also set to engage local people throughout the Games with a special cultural programme and sports tasters.
    08 Nov 2019 | Olympic News, Lausanne 2020, YOG
  • News | Los Angeles 1984 Legacy

    Los Angeles 1984: an influential legacy

    A new financial model which became a template for future editions of the Olympic Games and a turning point for women in sport are two of the key legacies of Los Angeles 1984 - an edition which inspired a cultural step-change for the Olympic Games that can still be felt decades later.
    06 Nov 2019 | Los Angeles 1984 Legacy
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