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  • News | Helsinki 1952

    Warrior Whitfield retains 800m title

    The USA’s Mal Whitfield had won the 800m title at London 1948. However, since then, his life had taken a dramatic turn away from sport, as he enlisted to fight in the Korean War.
    22 Jul 1952 | Helsinki 1952
  • News | St. Moritz 1948

    Great Scott justifies the hype with figure skating title

    Barbara Ann Scott had taken a tough journey to sporting greatness but it bore fruit in St Moritz as she became the first and only Canadian woman to win figure skating gold. Scott was a skating prodigy. She started the sport at the age of seven and, three years later, she has passed the top “gold figures” test, the youngest person ever to achieve that mark. A year after that, she won her first national junior title.
    06 Feb 1948 | St. Moritz 1948, Figure Skating, Canada, Olympic News
  • News | St. Moritz 1948

    James Coates - Skeleton

    The skeleton competition was notable for the number of older athletes to take part. Silver medallist Jack Heaton was 39 while Britain's John Crammond was 41. Richard Bott, another British slider, was 47 while the United States sent over Mac MacCarthy, who was 51.
    04 Feb 1948 | St. Moritz 1948, Skeleton, Great Britain, Olympic News
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