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  • News | Olympic News

    The oldest of the modern Olympic emblems is an anthem!

    You will certainly have heard it if you have ever watched an Olympic Games opening ceremony. A sumptuous piece of music like something out of a 19th century opera. What is its story? We take a look at the 124-year-old Olympic Anthem.
    08 Sep 2020 | Olympic News, Opening Ceremony, Closing Ceremony
  • News | Olympic News

    Massachusetts - the unlikely birthplace of basketball and volleyball

    Two of the most popular sports on the Olympic programme – basketball and volleyball – each have their origins in the US state of Massachusetts, where they were devised by two pioneering physical education teachers in the 19th century.
    27 Apr 2018 | Olympic News, Basketball, Volleyball
  • News | IOC News

    IOC Approves New Candidature Process for Olympic Winter Games 2026

    The IOC today approved changes to the Candidature Process for the Olympic Winter Games 2026 that will reduce costs, simplify procedures and provide more assistance to National Olympic Committees (NOCs) and cities at every stage.
    11 Jul 2017 | Host City Election, IOC News, Olympic News
  • News | Sochi 2014

    Alexander Ovechkin, ice man on a mission for Russia

    Feted in Russia and North America, ice hockey star Alexander Ovechkin was the first Russian to carry the 2014 Olympic torch in Olympia. Now he is on a mission to put Russia back on the Olympic podium at Sochi.
    30 Jan 2014 | Sochi 2014, Olympic News, Russian Federation, Ice Hockey, Russian Federation
  • News | Sarajevo 1984

    Hoppe steers savvy East German bobsleighers to victory

    East Germany’s fearless bobsleigh stars dominated the competition on Mount Trebovic at the Sarajevo Games in 1984, with former army major Wolfgang Hoppe leading his country to victory in the two and four-man races. 
    11 Feb 1984 | Sarajevo 1984, Bobsleigh, Olympic News, Germany
  • News | Innsbruck 1976

    Smetanina launches Olympic odyssey with double cross country gold

    Perhaps fittingly for a cross-country skier, Raisa Smetanina’s journey to sporting greatness was lengthy and gruelling – but it remains almost unsurpassed in the annals of the Olympic Winter Games. And it all began in Innsbruck in 1976.
    10 Feb 1976 | Innsbruck 1976, Cross Country Skiing, Olympic News
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