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    Online Catalogue - RERO

    The Olympic Studies Centre is member of RERO, the most important library network of Switzerland. RERO manages a collective catalogue of about 215 libraries, with some 250’000 users registered. All the collections of the library (44’000 volumes) are referenced in RERO. For access, select “IOC Olympic Studies Centre ” in the “Limit my search to one or several libraries” section. For further information on how to use the catalogue, refer to the HELP section.
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    Munich 1972

    “Die Spiele: the official report of the Organizing Committtee for the Games of the XXth Olympiad Munich 1972” was published in 1974 in French, English and German. It consisted of three volumes. The first two (The organization; The constructions) existed in each of the languages, while the third (The competitions) was trilingual.
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    Mexico 1968

    Entitled “Mexico 68”, the official report published in 1969 set a new record at more than 2,300 pages. It consisted of four main volumes (The land; The Organization; The Games; The Cultural Olympiad) plus a set of various memorabilia: medals, tickets and postcards. This “fifth volume” is not widely known. The official report was published in four languages, in the form of two bilingual editions, French and English, and Spanish and German.
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    Berlin 1936

    “The XIth Olympic Games Berlin, 1936: official report” was the first official report to be produced in two volumes, which would subsequently become the norm. There was an English edition and a German edition.
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    Athens 1896

    The Official Report of the Athens 1896 Olympic Games consisted of two parts: “The Olympic Games in Ancient Times”, published before the Games, and “The Olympic Games in 1896”, published after the Games. Pierre de Coubertin was the co-author. The two volumes were published in four languages in the form of two bilingual editions, French-Greek and English-German. This official report was the subject of various new editions, the first one in 1941.
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