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  • News | London 1948

    The incredible dominance of Fanny Blankers-Koen

    At almost every Olympic Games, various great athletes are heralded as the overall star, and good-natured arguments follow for years to come.
    29 Jul 1948 | London 1948, BLANKERS-KOEN, Fanny, Netherlands, Athletics
  • News | St. Moritz 1948

    Hasu upsets the odds in Nordic combined

    The Nordic combined was an event where one nation was expected to dominate, and that nation was Norway. A Norwegian athlete had always won gold in previous Games. In fact, Norwegian athletes had won every medal in the four Games where Nordic combined had been included. Rarely has any nation held such a stranglehold on any sport.
    01 Feb 1948 | St. Moritz 1948, Nordic Combined, Finland, Olympic News
  • News | Berlin 1936

    Jesse Owens immortalized by his fourth gold medal

    Controversially added to the team at the last minute, Jesse Owens lined up for the 4x100m relay with a chance to add an incredible fourth gold medal to his collection. Under typically difficult circumstances, what followed was just as typically extraordinary.
    09 Aug 1936 | Berlin 1936, Athletics, Olympic News, OWENS, Jesse, United States of America
  • News | Berlin 1936

    Jesse Owens completes the hat-trick with 200m win

    Two events completed, two gold medals in the bag, Jesse Owens lined up for the 200m at the Berlin 1936 Olympic Games on the verge of a very special achievement. In sublime form, full of confidence and with his major rival Ralph Metcalfe absent, the stage was set for an Olympic hat-trick.
    05 Aug 1936 | Berlin 1936, Athletics, Olympic News, OWENS, Jesse, United States of America
  • News | Los Angeles 1932

    Record breaker Miyazaki makes a splash

    The Japanese swimming team arrived at the 1932 Olympics as genuine challengers to the all-conquering USA, who had stormed to six golds at the Amsterdam Games four years earlier.
    09 Aug 1932 | Los Angeles 1932, Japan, Swimming
  • News | Los Angeles 1932

    Carr makes his name on the track

    At the turn of 1932, Bill Carr was a virtual unknown on the athletics circuit, having never won a competitive race.
    07 Aug 1932 | Los Angeles 1932, United States of America, Athletics
  • News | Los Angeles 1932

    Zabala claims epic marathon triumph

    In the Official Report of the 1932 Games, there is a grainy photograph showing the runners at the start of the marathon. Leading from the front is a 20-year old called Juan Carlos Zabala. Just over two and a half hours later, he became the youngest man to ever win an Olympic marathon.
    07 Aug 1932 | Los Angeles 1932, Athletics, Argentina
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