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  • News | Helsinki 1952

    Consistent Konno wins four medals in four events

    Over two editions of the Olympic Games, US swimmer Ford Konno proved a paragon of consistency, winning four medals in four events, but it was at Helsinki 1952 that he reached his zenith, coming away with two titles and two Olympic records.
    02 Aug 1952 | Helsinki 1952, Olympic News, Swimming, United States of America
  • News | Helsinki 1952

    Boiteux earns gold and a watery embrace from his father

    One of the most memorable moments of Helsinki 1952 was France’s Jean Boiteux winning gold in the men’s 400m freestyle. No sooner had the race ended when a man wearing a beret jumped into the water to embrace the champion. Nobody knew who this jubilant intruder was. The beret suggested they must have been French, but was he a fan, a member of the team, or maybe a relative?
    30 Jul 1952 | Helsinki 1952, BOITEUX, Jean, Olympic News, Swimming, France
  • News | Helsinki 1952

    Teenager Jones becomes youngest champion of the track

    Australia were hot favourites to win the women’s 4x100m relay in Helsinki. The team had set a world record in the heats and boasted several individual stars within their quartet. At its heart was Marjorie Jackson, who had already won double individual gold in the 100m and 200m. Meanwhile, Shirley Strickland had taken bronze in the 100m, but had won the 80m hurdles. And Winsome Cripps had been denied a place on the 100m podium by the tiniest fraction to finish fourth.
    27 Jul 1952 | Helsinki 1952, Olympic News, Athletics, United States of America
  • News | Helsinki 1952

    Bocharova's golden balancing act

    Despite the fact that three years had passed since Nina Bocharova had won the all-around title at the USSR Championships, she was still one of the best gymnasts in the world when she arrived in Helsinki. Her problem was that one of her main rivals was her team-mate Mariya Horokhovska.
    23 Jul 1952 | Helsinki 1952, Olympic News, Athletics, USSR
  • News | London 1948

    Greta Andersen, one of the most versatile athletes swimming has known

    Greta Andersen's sporting origins were unusual. Her father, Carl, was a gymnast who had won a silver medal when representing Denmark in the 1906 Intermediary Games yet Greta's fame came in swimming, where she will go down as one of the most versatile athletes the sport has known.
    10 Aug 1948 | London 1948, Denmark, Swimming
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