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  • News | Lausanne 2020

    Johanna Puff wants to do well for Germany in the biathlon at Lausanne 2020

    There will be four events at the Les Tuffes venue in Prémanon between 11 and 15 January: the individual, the sprint, the individual mixed relay and the team mixed relay. Johanna Puff is one of the eight biathletes in the German team, which will consist of four men and four women. Number one in her age category in her country, she is hoping to do well in all the events and if possible win medals.
    11 Jan 2020 | Olympic News, YOG, Lausanne 2020, Biathlon
  • News | Lausanne 2020

    Proud YOG flagbearers look back on an Opening Ceremony to remember

    The Winter Youth Olympic Games (YOG) Lausanne 2020 is sure to be unforgettable for the 1,872 young men and women competing on the snow and ice over the coming days, however for the select few athletes chosen to be their country’s flagbearers at Thursday’s spectacular Opening Ceremony, the YOG experience has already been extra special.
    11 Jan 2020 | Olympic News, YOG, Lausanne 2020
  • News | Lausanne 2020

    Canadian biathletes set for international debuts at lausanne 2020

    Competing at a Youth Olympic Games is momentous in itself, but for four young Canadian biathletes, the event bears even greater significance. It will be their first international competition of any kind.
    10 Jan 2020 | Olympic News, Lausanne 2020, YOG, Biathlon, Canada
  • News | Lausanne 2020

    Edvin Anger: “I have never been to Switzerland!”

    Edvin Anger (standing tall at 1.90m) will be one of Sweden’s main assets in cross-country skiing during the Youth Olympic Games Lausanne 2020, in what will be his first big international competition. A sprint specialist, he will be looking to shine in La Vallée de Joux, where the races will be taking place.
    09 Jan 2020 | Olympic News, YOG, Lausanne 2020, Cross Country Skiing, Sweden
  • News | Lausanne 2020

    The Lausanne 2020 athletes in numbers!

    A few days before the start of the 3rd Winter Youth Olympic Games, Lausanne 2020 has now confirmed all its athletes’ quotas and announces some fun facts about the delegations that will take part in the event, from January 9 to 22, 2020.
    08 Jan 2020 | Olympic News, YOG, Lausanne 2020
  • News | Lausanne 2020

    Biathlon at Lausanne 2020: All you need to know

    The individual and team biathlon events on show at the Youth Olympic Games this January. Burning muscles and ice-cold nerves, there is no sport quite like Biathlon.
    06 Jan 2020 | Olympic News, YOG, Lausanne 2020, Biathlon, Sport guides
  • News | Lausanne 2020

    Luge at the Youth Olympic Games: What you need to know

    The most precise sliding sport is coming to Lausanne 2020. After reaching the most breath-taking of speeds, Luge comes down to the finest of margins.
    06 Jan 2020 | Olympic News, YOG, Lausanne 2020, Luge, Sport guides
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