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  • News | Salt Lake City 2002

    Gilt-edged Games for bionic Bjørndalen

    Four years earlier, Ole Einar Bjørndalen had won gold in the 10km and silver in the relay, so the world already knew that the Norwegian was a fine biathlete. Those successes had merely heightened his sense of ambition, and he arrived in Salt Lake City eyeing a place among the very greatest biathletes of all time.
    20 Feb 2002 | Salt Lake City 2002, Olympic News, Norway, Biathlon
  • News | Salt Lake City 2002

    Born-again biathlete Wilhelm embarks on gold run

    Kati Wilhelm had made her Olympic debut at Nagano 1998, competing as a cross country skier. She had been left disappointed after finishing a lowly 16th in the 30km, though she did help the German team achieve a 7th place in the 4x5km relay. In search of greater success, she decided to switch to a whole new sport – and duly reinvented herself as a biathlete.
    18 Feb 2002 | Salt Lake City 2002, Olympic News, Biathlon, Germany
  • News | Salt Lake City 2002

    Alsgaard delivers golden swansong

    Norway’s Thomas Alsgaard took up cross country skiing at an early age. When he was just three years old, he entered a race for five-year-olds and won. Legend has it that the following year his parents thought he had got lost but instead found him at the local ski track, about to start a third lap of the 9km course.
    17 Feb 2002 | Salt Lake City 2002, Olympic News, Norway, Cross Country Skiing
  • News | Atlanta 1996

    Valiant gymnast Strug takes one for the team

    Olympic glory is not always about smooth success. It’s also about grit, determination and a refusal to bow to setbacks. And sometimes that means dealing with both mental and physical pain. The USA’s Kerri Strug was a key member of the American gymnastics team which went to Atlanta 1996 in pursuit of the country’s first ever gold medal in the sport.
    23 Jul 1996 | Atlanta 1996, Olympic News, Artistic Gymnastics, United States of America
  • News | Lillehammer 1994

    Worth the wait for five-star Di Centa

    Italian cross-country skier Manuela Di Centa was considered an Olympic veteran by the time she began her preparations for Lillehammer in 1994.
    27 Feb 1994 | Lillehammer 1994, Olympic News, Cross Country Skiing, Italy
  • News | Albertville 1992

    Ulvang leads Norway’s cross-country charge

    Norway totally dominated the men’s cross-country skiing events in Albertville, completing a clean sweep of the gold medals. Leading the charge was Vegard Ulvang. He came from a remote mining town and had a taste for adventure, enjoying marathon skiing trips and mountain climbing.
    22 Feb 1992 | Albertville 1992, Cross Country Skiing, Norway, Olympic News
  • News | Albertville 1992

    The legend of Dæhlie is born

    In the years since the 1992 Games, Norway’s Bjørn Dæhlie has been recognised as winter sports legend. But these were the Olympics where he first burst on to the biggest international stage, and announced himself to the wider world.
    22 Feb 1992 | Albertville 1992, Cross Country Skiing, Norway, Olympic News, DÆHLIE, Bjørn
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