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  • Mark TODD | Athlete

    Mark TODD

    | Equestrian Jumping, Equestrian Eventing | 6 Medals
  • The man with Charisma - Mark Todd - Equestrian | Video

    The man with Charisma - Mark Todd - Equestrian

    Until the arrival of Mark Todd, no rider from New Zealand had ever placed in the top 20 in an individual event, much less come close to winning a medal. Todd was a 28-year-old dairy farmer who sold much of his herd to finance his Olympic quest. Previously, at the Los Angeles 1984 Games, Todd and his beloved horse, Charisma, were in second place after the dressage and endurance portions of the three-day event. Four years later, at the Seoul 1988 Olympics, Todd and Charisma (at age 16) led the field in both the dressage and endurance stages, then knocked over just one fence to become only the second repeat winners of the three-day event. Mark Todd would later take part of the Barcelona 1992, Sydney 2000 and Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, winning a bronze medal in Sydney.
  • News | Paris 2024

    Paris 2024 Club launched to mark four years to go

    Sunday 26 July marks four years to go until the Olympic Games Paris 2024 begin. In recognition of this important milestone, the Organising Committee has launched the Paris 2024 Club to share the Olympic and Paralympic adventure with everyone in France. 
    26 Jul 2020 | Olympic News, Paris 2024
  • News | Tokyo 2020

    IOC launches Tokyo 2020 portal on Alibaba’s Tmall

    With One Year to Go until the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and Worldwide Olympic Partner Alibaba have announced the launch of an official Tokyo 2020 content portal for Chinese fans on Tmall - China’s largest B2C marketplace for brands and retailers.
    27 Jul 2020 | Olympic News, Tokyo 2020, Sponsors, Alibaba
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