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  • Storm Uru - A Class Act | Video

    Storm Uru - A Class Act

    A lifelong rower, Storm Uru has crossed his fair share of finish lines. But there was always one he was reluctant to approach: that of his professional sports career. Even when competing at two Olympic Games, winning bronze at London 2012 and a World Championship in 2009 in the Men's lightweight double sculls with Peter Taylor, the question remained in the back of his mind: Having devoted his life to the pursuit of his sport, what would he do when it was finally time to leave rowing behind?
  • Morgan Taylor’s first Olympic Gold - 400m Hurdles | Video

    Morgan Taylor’s first Olympic Gold - 400m Hurdles

    American hurdler Frederick Morgan Taylor competed in his first Olympic Games in Paris 1924. Having broken the world record during the United States Olympic Trials, he was a favourite for the gold medal. And he didn’t disappoint.   Morgan Taylor ran the 400 meter hurdles in 52.6 seconds, beating the previous world record. However, following the rules of the time, as Taylor had knocked down a hurdle; the world record was not officially recognized, but the victory was confirmed.   In the 1924 Olympic Games, Frederick Morgan Taylor won what would be the first of his three Olympic medals, with two bronze ones he would win in following Summer Games.
  • Freddie and Jessie rock the Olympic finale | Video

    Freddie and Jessie rock the Olympic finale

    London 2012 - A big screen with footage of Freddie Mercury warmed the crowd up a the Closing Ceremony before British singer Jessie J joined Queen's Brian May and Roger Taylor to belt out 'We Will Rock You'.
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