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  • News | Sarajevo 1984

    Magoni emerges from the fog to make Alpine skiing history

    Paoletta Magoni was one of a trio of skiers to deliver shock results at the Sarajevo Winter Games in 1984. The 19-year-old captured the gold medal in the women’s slalom, the final skiing event of the competition, making her the first Italian woman ever to win Olympic gold in Alpine skiing.
    17 Feb 1984 | Sarajevo 1984, Alpine Skiing, Italy, Olympic News
  • News | Sarajevo 1984

    Giant slalom star Franko thrills Yugoslavia

    Jure Franko delighted Yugoslav fans at the Sarajevo Games in 1984 by winning the country its first ever Winter Olympic Games medal – making him a national hero and sparking raucous celebrations in the city after his silver medal.
    14 Feb 1984 | Sarajevo 1984, Alpine Skiing, Olympic News
  • News | Sarajevo 1984

    Armstrong has the time of her life in giant slalom

    Debbie Armstrong became the USA’s first victor in the women’s giant slalom at the Olympic Winter Games since 1952 when she took the gold at Sarajevo 32 years later.
    13 Feb 1984 | Sarajevo 1984, Alpine Skiing, United States of America, Olympic News
  • News | Lake Placid 1980

    Wehling takes a huge leap into the history books

    Ulrich Wehling raced and leapt his way into the history books at Lake Placid by becoming the only competitor ever to win three consecutive gold medals in the Nordic Combined competition. At the 1980 Games the event consisted of a 70m ski jump competition, followed by a 15km cross-country race across Mount van Hoevenberg.
    16 Feb 1980 | Lake Placid 1980, Nordic Combined, German Democratic Republic
  • News | Lake Placid 1980

    Underdog Stock causes a shock to take downhill crown

    After his gold medal-winning heroics at the 1976 Games in Innsbruck, downhill star Franz Klammer became an Austrian hero and an international sporting celebrity. Such was his status that four years later, Olympic squad coach Karl Kahr was forced to explain on national TV his decision to leave the ace performer out of his Lake Placid team.
    02 Feb 1980 | Lake Placid 1980, Alpine Skiing, Austria
  • News | Lake Placid 1980

    Legendary Stenmark hits peak form with double gold

    Sweden’s Ingemar Stenmark is considered the greatest slalom specialist of all time – and perhaps the highpoint of his career was his double gold win at the Lake Placid Games in 1980.
    02 Feb 1980 | Lake Placid 1980, Alpine Skiing, Sweden, Olympic News
  • News | Lake Placid 1980

    Wenzel enjoys golden moment in the slalom

    As Hanni Wenzel skied towards her third Olympic medal at Lake Placid in 1980, three flag-waving fans from her homeland of Liechtenstein cheered her on to glory. Their last-minute dash to the USA paid off, as Wenzel won gold in the women’s slalom, giving the tiny European principality a rare moment of sporting glory.
    02 Feb 1980 | Lake Placid 1980, Alpine Skiing, Liechtenstein
  • News | Lake Placid 1980

    Gold at last for snow queen Moser-Pröll

    Annemarie Moser-Pröll arrived at Lake Placid in 1980 having already won a string of FIS World Championship gold medals and two Olympic silvers. But despite her status as the greatest woman Alpine skier on the slopes she had never taken a first place at the Games in either the downhill or giant slalom events.
    02 Feb 1980 | Lake Placid 1980, Alpine Skiing, Austria
  • News | Innsbruck 1976

    Hemmi springs a surprise in the giant slalom

    Franz Klammer may have sealed legendary status with his death-defying downhill performance in Innsbruck, but the Austrian didn’t have a monopoly on surprise victories in the 1976 Olympics. Slalom racing fans still recall the surprise gold medal won by a bricklayer from Switzerland by the name of Heini Hemmi.
    13 Feb 1976 | Innsbruck 1976, Alpine Skiing, Switzerland, Olympic News
  • News | Innsbruck 1976

    Kreiner's teen spirit prevails in the giant slalom

    As she waited at the starting gate, ready to launch herself down the giant slalom course at the 1976 Olympic Winter Games, 17-year-old Kathy Kreiner told herself “They don’t know it, but I am going to win.” So it proved.
    08 Feb 1976 | Innsbruck 1976, Alpine Skiing, Canada, Olympic News
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