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  • News | Berlin 1936

    Jesse Owens and the greatest 45 minutes in sport

    On 25th of May 1935 the 21-year-old Owens averaged a world record every nine minutes at the Big Ten Championships. Five world leading marks and one world equalling effort, all completed with an injury severe enough for his coach to seriously consider pulling him out of the meet at the last minute.
    25 May 1935 | Berlin 1936, Olympic News, OWENS, Jesse, Athletics
  • News | Los Angeles 1932

    Los Angeles leaves a legacy

    On 14 August 1932, the Olympic Stadium in Los Angeles – the scene of so many feats of sporting glory over the previous 15 days – filled to the rafters once more to witness the culmination of the 1932 Games. The crowds were treated to one final sporting showpiece, the equestrian Prix des Nations, before the pomp and circumstance of the Closing Ceremony began.
    14 Aug 1932 | Los Angeles 1932
  • News | Los Angeles 1932

    Neri raises the bar

    Since the advent of the modern Olympic Games, Italian gymnasts had proved their pedigree, winning seven golds in the four editions between 1908 and 1924.
    10 Aug 1932 | Los Angeles 1932, Olympic News
  • News | Los Angeles 1932

    Madison makes her mark in the pool

    For most Olympians, appearing at the Games is the fulfilment of a lifelong ambition, but Helene Madison was something of an unusual case.
    08 Aug 1932 | Los Angeles 1932, Olympic News
  • News | Los Angeles 1932

    Nambu leaps into the record books

    The 1932 Olympic Games were a stellar event for many sports but in particular athletics, which saw a remarkable 20 new Olympic or world records set.
    04 Aug 1932 | Los Angeles 1932, Japan, Olympic News, Athletics
  • News | Los Angeles 1932

    Los Angeles lifts the global gloom

    When the 1932 Olympic Games were officially awarded to Los Angeles nine years earlier, little did anyone know the state the world would be in once they came around. In 1929, a Wall Street stock market crash heralded a global economic depression that bore a devastat-ing effect on countries around the world.
    30 Jul 1932 | Los Angeles 1932, Olympic News
  • News | Amsterdam 1928

    Kuck's record-breaking shot at glory

    Throughout his school life in Kansas, John Kuck was the most prodigious of field athletes, breaking a multitude of records in all the throwing disciplines.
    30 May 1928 | Amsterdam 1928, United States of America, Athletics
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