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  • News | Rome 1960

    Local hero Delfino justifies star billing in fencing

    Giuseppe Delfino had learnt to fence while working in the famous FIAT car factory in Turin, but the sport became much more than a hobby. Over the course of a sparkling career, he won six Olympic medals, four of them gold. However, the one that he won in Rome marked the pinnacle of his achievements.
    06 Sep 1960 | Rome 1960
  • News | Rome 1960

    Backstroke queen Burke sends Olympic records toppling

    Going into Rome 1960, the women's 100m backstroke world record set by the Dutch swimmer Cor Kint had stood for more than two decades. She had swum 1 minute 10.9 seconds, knocking two seconds off the previous record and frustrating the world's best backstrokers for the next 21 years. Over subsequent years, people began to wonder if anyone would ever beat that mark?
    03 Sep 1960 | Rome 1960
  • News | Rome 1960

    Shavlakadze ends anglophone dominance in high jump

    The USA’s John Thomas came arrived in Rome as the overwhelming favourite to win the men’s high jump. He hadn't lost a contest for two years and had jumped over seven feet some 30 times. The question seemed to be more about who would take silver, with Thomas’ team-mates Joe Faust and defending champion Charley Dumas both hotly tipped to join him on the podium.
    01 Sep 1960 | Rome 1960
  • News | Rome 1960

    Home favourites no match for formidable Soviet fencers

    At the previous eight editions of the Games, the men’s team foil had been won by either France or Italy. In fact, the two countries had finished first and second in seven of those eight Games, and they were fully expected to continue their dominance in Rome.
    30 Aug 1960 | Rome 1960
  • News | Rome 1960

    Kapitonov clinches men's road race

    The Soviet Union won its first cycling title thanks to the exemplary fitness of Viktor Kapitonov, who made two desperate sprints to the finishing line in the course of the same race!
    30 Aug 1960 | Rome 1960
  • News | Squaw Valley 1960

    Recknagel jumps into Olympic history

    Ski jumping pioneer Helmut Recknagel was born in 1937 in Steinbach-Hallenberg, in what later became the German Democratic Republic.
    28 Feb 1960 | Squaw Valley 1960, Olympic News, Ski Jumping, Germany
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