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  • News | Los Angeles 1984

    Hollywood fanfare welcomes world to Los Angeles

    As one would expect from a city that contains the world’s showbusiness capital, the opening ceremony at the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles lacked nothing for glitz, glamour and spectacle.
    28 Jul 1984 | Los Angeles 1984
  • News | Moscow 1980

    Kozakiewicz denies local hero in pole vault

    Soviet athletics fans have long loved the field events, and the pole vault at the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow proved one of the most passionate and controversial of any event at the Games.
    30 Jul 1980 | Moscow 1980, Lithuania, Athletics
  • News | Lake Placid 1980

    Wenzel enjoys golden moment in the slalom

    As Hanni Wenzel skied towards her third Olympic medal at Lake Placid in 1980, three flag-waving fans from her homeland of Liechtenstein cheered her on to glory. Their last-minute dash to the USA paid off, as Wenzel won gold in the women’s slalom, giving the tiny European principality a rare moment of sporting glory.
    02 Feb 1980 | Lake Placid 1980, Alpine Skiing, Liechtenstein, Olympic News
  • News | Lake Placid 1980

    Gold at last for snow queen Moser-Pröll

    Annemarie Moser-Pröll arrived at Lake Placid in 1980 having already won a string of FIS World Championship gold medals and two Olympic silvers. But despite her status as the greatest woman Alpine skier on the slopes she had never taken a first place at the Games in either the downhill or giant slalom events.
    02 Feb 1980 | Lake Placid 1980, Alpine Skiing, Austria, Olympic News
  • News | Sapporo 1972

    Teenager Nadig wins shock double gold

    Swiss skier Marie-Thérèse Nadig was an intriguing debutante at these Games. Still just 17, she had been improving steadily in the months running up to Sapporo, securing her first podium finish on the World Cup circuit, prompting suggestions that she could be an outsider for a medal.
    05 Feb 1972 | Sapporo 1972, Olympic News, Alpine Skiing, Switzerland
  • News | Rome 1960

    Von Saltza rules the pool with golden hat-trick

    Chris von Saltza had delivered a signal of his future prowess in the pool at the 1959 Pan American Games, winning five titles, including individual and two as part of the US women’s relay team. By the time she arrived at the Rome Olympics at the age of just 16, she was heavily tipped for gold, having been entered into the 100m and 400m freestyle, and both 4x100m relays.
    03 Sep 1960 | Rome 1960, Swimming, United States of America
  • News | Squaw Valley 1960

    Biebl writes her name in women’s Alpine history

    Competing at a time when the Alpine Skiing World Cup had yet to come into existence (it made its debut 1967), the Bavarian-born Heidi Biebl was one of the greatest skiers of her generation and the finest German since Christl Cranz, the queen of the slopes in the 1930s who had been crowned the first female Olympic Alpine skiing champion at Garmisch-Partenkichen 1936.
    26 Feb 1960 | Squaw Valley 1960, Olympic News, Alpine Skiing, Germany
  • News | Los Angeles 1932

    Piot leads French fencing charge

    At the 1932 Olympic Games, the need for discipline and fair play among the participants in the fencing competitions was even more acute than usual, due to a notable lack of experienced judges. As the Official Report comments, with the majority of people qualified to adjudicate being based in Europe, of those who had travelled to Los Angeles, most were competitors.
    07 Aug 1932 | Los Angeles 1932, France, Fencing
  • News | Amsterdam 1928

    Radke earns Germany's first athletics gold

    The Summer Olympics have seen some controversial races down the years but few that had the repercussions of the women’s 800m in the Amsterdam Games of 1928.
    01 Jun 1928 | Amsterdam 1928, Athletics, Germany
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