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  • News | Sydney 2000

    Athletics - Cathy Freeman

    Has any athlete ever had to deal with the amount of expectation piled on to the shoulders of Cathy Freeman?
    25 Sep 2000 | Sydney 2000
  • News | Lillehammer 1994

    Urmanov jumps his way to figure-skating gold

    There are athletes who fail to live up to their potential on the Olympic stage. There are others who find their finest form when it matters most. And so it was at the men’s figure skating in Lillehammer.
    27 Feb 1994 | Lillehammer 1994, Olympic News, Figure Skating, Russian Federation
  • News | Lillehammer 1994

    Schönbächler takes aerials to new heights

    Aerials had been a demonstration event at the previous two Olympic Games prior to Lillehammer and Sonny Schönbächler had been there both times. He was sixth first time, 15th four years later – solid, if not spectacular, results.
    24 Feb 1994 | Lillehammer 1994, Olympic News, Freestyle Skiing, Switzerland
  • News | Lillehammer 1994

    Cheryazova jumps for aerials gold

    In 1994, Uzbekistan's Lina Cheryazova was the huge favourite to win the women's aerials.
    24 Feb 1994 | Lillehammer 1994, Olympic News, Freestyle Skiing, Uzbekistan
  • News | Los Angeles 1984

    Hollywood fanfare welcomes world to Los Angeles

    As one would expect from a city that contains the world’s showbusiness capital, the opening ceremony at the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles lacked nothing for glitz, glamour and spectacle.
    28 Jul 1984 | Los Angeles 1984
  • News | Moscow 1980

    Kozakiewicz denies local hero in pole vault

    Soviet athletics fans have long loved the field events, and the pole vault at the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow proved one of the most passionate and controversial of any event at the Games.
    30 Jul 1980 | Moscow 1980
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