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  • News | London 1948

    Micheline Ostermeyer, a piano, discus and shot put virtuoso

    Of all the proving grounds for future Olympic stars, the Conservatoire National Supérieur de musique et de danse de Paris does not rank high. It is one of Europe's great academies for music and dance, and yet it did deliver one of the great performers of the 1948 Games.
    31 Jul 1948 | London 1948, France, Athletics
  • News | Olympic News

    The athlete musician

    In two days’ time, she would have celebrated her 85th birthday, on Sunday 23 December. Sport and music provided rhythm in the life of France’s Micheline Ostermeyer. The strength of her muscles and her skill, her finesse and dexterity made her at once a brilliant pianist and an outstanding athlete.
    21 Dec 2007 | Olympic News, France, Athletics, London 1948
  • WAAHB083


    London 1948-OSTERMEYER Micheline (FRA) 1st.
    Tuesday, August 3, 1948 10:00 PM | Photo
  • WAAHB081


    London 1948-OSTERMEYER Micheline (FRA) 1st.
    Thursday, July 29, 1948 10:00 PM | Photo
  • WAAHB082


    London 1948-OSTERMEYER Micheline (FRA) 1st.
    Wednesday, December 31, 1947 11:00 PM | Photo
  • WAAHC040


    London 1948-OSTERMEYER Micheline (FRA) 1st, CORDIALE-GENTILE Edera (ITA) 2nd, MAZEAS Jacqueline (FRA) 3rd.
    Wednesday, December 31, 1947 11:00 PM | Photo
  • WAAHD022


    London 1948-PICCININI Amélia (ITA) 2nd, OSTERMEYER Micheline (FRA) 1st, SCHAFFER-MAYER Ine (AUT) 3rd.
    Wednesday, December 31, 1947 11:00 PM | Photo
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