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  • News | St. Moritz 1948

    Schlunegger becomes first women's downhill winner

    Women's Alpine skiing had made little impact on the Olympic Winter Games prior to the Second World War and, just as it was with the men, these were the Games where we got the first women’s downhill champion.
    02 Feb 1948 | St. Moritz 1948, Alpine Skiing, Switzerland, Olympic News
  • News | St. Moritz 1948

    Hasu upsets the odds in Nordic combined

    The Nordic combined was an event where one nation was expected to dominate, and that nation was Norway. A Norwegian athlete had always won gold in previous Games. In fact, Norwegian athletes had won every medal in the four Games where Nordic combined had been included. Rarely has any nation held such a stranglehold on any sport.
    01 Feb 1948 | St. Moritz 1948, Nordic Combined, Finland, Olympic News
  • News | St. Moritz 1948

    Lundström and Sweden dominate cross-country events

    Things were rarely quiet when Martin Lundström was around. Born into a family of 15 children, he had been a farm worker since he was a boy growing up in rural Sweden. Lundström began working in the woods when he was just 13 and also skied to school, growing into a tough young man who was utterly at home on snow.
    31 Jan 1948 | St. Moritz 1948, Cross Country Skiing, Sweden, Olympic News
  • News | St. Moritz 1948

    Beekeeper Liaklev stings hardest in 5,000m speed skating

    Reidar Liaklev had been one of Norway’s best young skaters before the war. He had taken a bronze medal at the Norwegian junior championships in 1939, but didn't get to compete internationally for another eight years.
    31 Jan 1948 | St. Moritz 1948, Speed Skating, Norway, Olympic News
  • News | St. Moritz 1948

    Helgesen prevails as 500m speed skating goes to the wire

    Sophisticated timing machinery was not yet part of the Olympic Winter Games, but don't be fooled into thinking that some of the races weren't incredibly closely fought. The speed skating 500m was a great case in point – the timing clocks were pushed to their limit by a contest that turned out to be one of the narrowest finishes in Winter Olympic history.
    31 Jan 1948 | St. Moritz 1948, Speed Skating, Finland, Olympic News
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