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    Chamonix 1924

    For this first edition of the Olympic Winter Games, the official report is included in that of the Olympic Summer Games, Paris 1024, “Les Jeux de la VIIIe Olympiade Paris 1924: rapport officiel”. Entitled “Les sports d’hiver”, the part concerning the Chamonix 1924 Games starts on page 643, at the end of section III. This very detailed official report was published in French only.
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    Antwerp 1920

    Lacking the necessary funds, the Organising Committee did not publish an official report after the Games. In 1927, the Belgian National Olympic Committee did however publish a typewritten report dating from 1920, which existed only in French, entitled “VIIème Olympiade Anvers 1920”. A second edition of this report was published in 1957 with the title “Rapport officiel des Jeux de la VIIème Olympiade Anvers 1920”.
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    Paris 1900

    The Organising Committee for the Games in Paris, where the sports competitions took place as part of the Universal Exhibition, did not publish an official report. Rather, it is the work “Concours internationaux d’exercices physiques et de sports” by Daniel Mérillon which is regarded as the official report on the 1900 Olympic Games in Paris. Published in French between 1901 and 1902, this very detailed work consists of two volumes and has more than 800 pages.
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    Athens 1896

    The Official Report of the Athens 1896 Olympic Games consisted of two parts: “The Olympic Games in Ancient Times”, published before the Games, and “The Olympic Games in 1896”, published after the Games. Pierre de Coubertin was the co-author. The two volumes were published in four languages in the form of two bilingual editions, French-Greek and English-German. This official report was the subject of various new editions, the first one in 1941.
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