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  • News | Albertville 1992

    Guy proves unlikely homegrown hero for France

    The host nation did not have too many opportunities to cheer local heroes on the podium in Albertville. Enter Fabrice Guy. Four years earlier in Calgary he had finished a rather unremarkable 20th in the Nordic combined . His sport did not traditionally enjoy a huge following in his native France, and his exploits had received only a modest amount of coverage.
    12 Feb 1992 | Albertville 1992, Nordic Combined, France, Olympic News
  • News | Chamonix 1924

    Åhlén lives out his curling dream

    At the time of the Winter Games in Chamonix, curling was a completely unknown sport in France. The 1924 Olympic curling tournament, which took place on 28-30 January, featured just three rinks, from Great Britain, Sweden and France. The host country’s severely inexperienced team had been swiftly cobbled together shortly before the Games and so they were not expected to feature in the battle for gold.
    30 Jan 1924 | Chamonix 1924, Curling, Sweden, Olympic News
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