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  • Lasse Virén wins the Distance Double Double - Montreal 1976 Olympic Games | Video

    Lasse Virén wins the Distance Double Double - Montreal 1976 Olympic Games

    Lasse Virén had been considered an unlikely contender when he won his gold medals in the 5000m and 10000m during the previous Olympic Games in Munich 1972.   Arriving at Montreal 1976, Virén was now a double Olympic champion and considered as one of the favorites for another medal.   Could he follow the footsteps of the “Flying Finns” Hannes Kolehmainen, Paavo Nurmi and Ville Ritola who dominated long-distance running events during the Olympic Games between 1912 and 1928?   Lasse Virén began by winning the 10,000m with a comfortable 30 meters lead. However, the 5,000m final was harder. Although Virén was in the lead at the beginning of the last lap, only five meters separated the first six runners. Coming out of the final turn, Virén beat back a fierce challenge by New Zealand's Dick Quax and won his fourth Olympic gold medal, while Quax took the silver.   The podium was completed by Klaus-Peter Hildenbrand from West Germany who - in his fight for the bronze medal - lunged across the finish line, winning it by 0.12 seconds.   With this race, Virén became the only repeat winner of the 5,000m and therefore, the only athlete to win both the 5,000m and 10,000m in consecutive Olympic Games.  
  • Montreal 1976 Athletics men 800m/400m | Video

    Montreal 1976 Athletics men 800m/400m

    In Montreal, Alberto Juantorena became the only athlete to ever win the 400m and 800m at the same Olympic Games. This is acknowledged as a truly remarkable athletic accomplishment as the 400m is a sprint race and the 800m is a tactical middle-distance event.
  • Montreal 1976 | Summer Games

    Montreal 1976

    17 Jul - 01 Aug | 6084 | 92 | 198
  • Document

    Montreal 1976

    Published in 1978, the official report “Games of the XXI Olympiad Montreal 1976: official report” exists in French and English. Each of the three sets consists of three volumes (Organization; Facilities; Results).
  • Montreal 1976 Equestrian Dressage mixed team | Video

    Montreal 1976 Equestrian Dressage mixed team

    Reiner Klimke ranks as the most successful participant ever in Olympic equestrian events. He won six gold and two bronze medals in dressage, over five different Olympic Games. Sadly, Klimke died abruptly of a heart attack in 1999. However, his legacy is continued by his daughter, Ingrid Klimke, who competes at international level in eventing and dressage.
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