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  • News | Athens 2004 Legacy

    Education programme

    The Athens 2004 education programme targeted all schoolchildren in primary and secondary education and represented an innovative educational process. Its objective was to initiate a strong volunteering movement that would cover all the facets of young people’s social life.
    04 Nov 2019 | Athens 2004 Legacy, Legacies for People
  • News | Athens 2004 Legacy

    Upgrading public transport

    Hosting the Olympic Games was an opportunity to accelerate the expansion of the Athens transport system, creating lasting benefits for the city’s population of approximately five million inhabitants.
    01 Nov 2019 | Athens 2004 Legacy, Legacies for Cities
  • News | Beijing 2008 Legacy


    Out of 16 new venues built for the Olympic Games Beijing 2008, 15 are in use today for sports, cultural and recreational activities. Some of them have become iconic buildings, such as the National Stadium (Bird’s Nest) and the Water Cube. The Shunyi Olympic Rowing-Canoeing Park’s canoe slalom course is no longer used for competition, but the rest of the park welcomes both competitive and recreational water activities.
    23 Oct 2019 | Beijing 2008 Legacy, Olympic Venues
  • News | Tokyo 1964

    Relive Kon Ichikawa’s iconic film about the 1964 Games

    For the Games of the XVIII Olympiad, Kon Ichikawa directed a film that has gone down in Olympic history. The Japanese filmmaker opted for an artistic approach to showcase the beauty and intensity of sport, its joys and exertions, and the faces of athletes from all over the world, in a lyrical work of stylistic beauty that has left a truly lasting impression.   
    16 Oct 2019 | Olympic News, Tokyo 1964, Tokyo 2020
  • News | Tokyo 1964

    Tokyo 1964 welcomes the world to the Olympic Stadium

    Under a magnificent blue autumn sky, the Opening Ceremony of the Games of the XVIII Olympiad was filled with exciting moments, in particular when Japanese athlete Yoshinori Sakai, born on 6 August 1945 and nicknamed “Hiroshima Baby”, lit the Olympic cauldron in a symbolic gesture of peace and hope. At the end of the Ceremony, Japanese jet planes formed the Olympic rings in the sky.   
    10 Oct 2019 | Olympic News, Tokyo 1964, Tokyo 2020
  • News | IOC News

    IOC President awarded highest Greek Order

    The IOC President has been honoured with the highest distinction of the Hellenic Republic, the Grand Cross of the Order of the Phoenix, by the President of the Hellenic Republic, Prokopis Pavlopoulos, during a ceremony that took place today at the Presidential Mansion in Athens, Greece.
    09 Oct 2019 | Olympic News, IOC News, Greece
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