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    Lillehammer 1994

    The “Official report of the XVII Olympic Winter Games Lillehammer 1994” was innovative in more ways than just its title. Published in 1995 by LOOC, it is composed of a small-format set in four volumes, published in three separate versions: French, English and Norwegian. Each set also contains a CD-ROM containing electronic versions of all the texts, as well as video clips.
  • Lillehammer 1994 Legacy | Video

    Lillehammer 1994 Legacy

    “In 1994, the Winter Olympics in Lillehammer put into practice what was now an important legacy policy – respect for the environment. It set new standards for major sports events and sent out a strong message to future event organisers that environmental protection measures can and should be part of their operating mandate.”
  • Re-live Lillehammer 1994! | Video

    Re-live Lillehammer 1994!

    Local hero Johann Olav Koss won three speed skating events and set a world record in every one. Vreni Schneider of Switzerland won a complete set of medals in Alpine skiing, and Manuela Di Centa of Italy earned medals in all five cross-country events. Travel back in time and watch all the highlights from Lillehammer!
  • First glimpse of Lillehammer 2016! | Video

    First glimpse of Lillehammer 2016!

    Missing Innsbruck 2012 already? Then check out this stunning video from the Lillehammer 2016 Organising Committee. It gives us a taste of what is to come in four years' time when the Winter Youth Olympic Games head to Norway to make their second appearance. With rich Olympic history (having hosted the Olympic Winter Games in 1994), world class venues in place, and breathtakingly beautiful scenery, this is set to be another YOG-tastic location to host the Games! We can't wait!
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