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  • Lake Placid 1932 -1980 Legacy | Video

    Lake Placid 1932 -1980 Legacy

    “In 1932 the Winter Games came to America for the first time, to Lake Placid. A multipurpose Olympic Centre was built specifically for the Games – the first indoor arena ever used for the Winter Olympics. In 1980, the Olympic Games focused the world’s attention once again on Lake Placid. In the original 1932 Olympic Centre, the US men’s hockey team defeated the heavily favored Soviet Union in a match that became known as the "Miracle on Ice”. But the legacy of the 1980 Games could well have been limited to some great memories and short-term improvements in infrastructure, if not for the creation of the Olympic Regional Delivery Authority in 1981. This organisation was set up to manage and promote the sports facilities used to host the 1980 Games, and has created an ongoing legacy that has reshaped the region’s economy. Since then, Lake Placid has hosted an impressive 11 World Championships, and 60 World Cup events. The continual enhancement of the Olympic facilities has ensured that the Olympic legacy not only lives on but is built upon.”
  • Innsbruck Legacy 1964 - 1976 - 2012 | Video

    Innsbruck Legacy 1964 - 1976 - 2012

    “The world normally has to wait four years between Winter Games, but just two years after Vancouver, the Winter Youth Olympic Games was inaugurated in a city that was already steeped in Olympic tradition.The Youth Olympic Games has brought a new legacy to Innsbruck, helping to position it as a young and dynamic city while reinvigorating its Olympic history.”
  • Beijing 2008 Legacy | Video

    Beijing 2008 Legacy

    “In 2008, Beijing produced some of the most epic sporting performances the world has ever seen. Their Games also introduced sport to more countries than ever before, with unprecedented global reach both in terms of athletes and spectators. China opened its doors and quite literally welcomed the world. Beijing was a Games carried out on a breathtaking scale, as well as with breathtaking performances. But the IOC knew that its success wouldn’t simply be judged by the breaking of records. Beijing was a vivid example of the Games legacy in action, touching millions of people.”
  • Lillehammer 1994 Legacy | Video

    Lillehammer 1994 Legacy

    “In 1994, the Winter Olympics in Lillehammer put into practice what was now an important legacy policy – respect for the environment. It set new standards for major sports events and sent out a strong message to future event organisers that environmental protection measures can and should be part of their operating mandate.”
  • Barcelona 1992 Legacy | Video

    Barcelona 1992 Legacy

    “Barcelona's legacy master plan was clear. It decided to carry out ambitious projects that would benefit the city as a whole, convinced that what was good for the residents would also be good for the Olympic Movement. For the first time in its history, the city of Barcelona was able to turn and face the sea with pride.”
  • London Legacy 1908 - 1948 - 2012 | Video

    London Legacy 1908 - 1948 - 2012

    Right from the start, legacy - with a very clear focus of totally transforming the East End of London - was fundamental to London 2012's plan. The theme of London 2012 was "Inspire a Generation" and this transformation was built around a Games that created opportunities across sport, education, culture, volunteering and sustainability. The London Games took place in some remarkable new venues. But just like the Richmond Oval in Vancouver, they haven’t simply been built for Games-time impact, but for legacy as well. And afterwards, they’ll be modified to meet the needs of the local communities and athletes long into the future.
  • Vancouver 2010 Legacy | Video

    Vancouver 2010 Legacy

    “The Games of the last two decades have proved beyond any doubt that legacy doesn’t happen by accident –  it has to be planned for, created and nurtured. Each new host city and host nation learns lessons from previous Games, but the IOC itself is in a unique position to help define the vision, plan the legacy objectives, and identify the long-term benefits that the Games can bring, right from the very start of the bidding process. And this is exactly what happened in Vancouver.The Vancouver Games were unique in the way the social, environmental and economic considerations were interwoven to benefit the people of Vancouver and its surrounding regions.”
  • IOC President Legacy | Video

    IOC President Legacy

    “Jacques Rogge, President of the International Olympic Committee, is passionate about the IOC’s role in helping host cities prepare for legacy.”
  • Sydney 2000 Legacy | Video

    Sydney 2000 Legacy

    “Sydney 2000, the first Games of the 21st century and the sporting extravaganza that everyone expected it to be, also became known as the first “green” Summer Games. Like Barcelona, the Games accelerated Australia’s international profile in a way that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. And in a more gradual evolution, Sydney’s Olympic Park has now become a major sporting, recreational and urban centre.”
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