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    Lake Placid 1932

    The work: “III Olympic Winter Games, Lake Placid 1932: official report” provides a very full report on the organisation and running of the Olympic Games and a detailed history of the pioneering role of Lake Placid in the development of winter sport. It consists of one 291-page volume, published in English.
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    Lake Placid 1980

    The official report of Lake Placid 1980 is composed of two volumes. The first, “Final report: XIII Olympic Winter Games, February 13-24, 1980,”does not contain any competition results. These are noted in the second volume, typewritten and rather austere. Indeed, the results were published again in 1984 by the IOC in a more reader-friendly edition.
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    Salt Lake City 2002

    The official report of Salt Lake City 2002 is composed of two large-format volumes and a CD-ROM. Volume 1, “Official report of the XIX Olympic Winter Games Salt Lake 2002”, was published in two versions – French and English. Volume 2, “The fire within: 12 photographers' quest to capture the Olympic spirit” is available in English only. The CD-ROM provides the competition results in a bilingual version.
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    Los Angeles 1932

    The official report “The Games of the Xth Olympiad Los Angeles 1932” was produced only in English, in the form of a single volume with over 800 pages. The quality was excellent, and it was the first such report to include colour illustrations. It exists with three different types of binding.
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