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    Sochi 2014

    The Official Report published by the Organising Committee for the Olympic Games Sochi 2014 is composed of a box set containing a commemorative book (published in English and Russian) as well as four CD-ROMs, dealing with various aspects related to the organisation and running of the Games: Vol. 1: Presentation of Sochi’s candidature. - Vol. 2: Commemorative book (also available in print, but only in English and Russian). - Vol. 3: Preparation of the Olympic Games (English and French versions) and Paralympic Games (English version only).- Vol. 4: Official results of the Games (trilingual document – English, French and Russian). The last CD also contains the list of Olympic and Paralympic medallists (bilingual – English and Russian).
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    Vancouver 2010

    The official report of Vancouver 2010 has a unique format: an official commemorative book published by Wiley, “With glowing hearts” and a multimedia set, “Post-Games report guide: the official report of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games”. This set contains an explanatory brochure, two CD-ROMs containing the official results and texts, as well as a commemorative film on DVD, “The Canada that now is”. The two volumes are fully bilingual – French and English
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    Nagano 1998

    “The XVIII Olympic Winter Games: official report Nagano 1998” is composed of three volumes (Planning and support; Sixteen days of glory; Competition results and participants) and a CD-ROM containing the electronic versions of the official report and the film “From around the world: to flower as one”. The official report was published by NAOC in 1999 in three editions: French, English and Japanese.
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    Lillehammer 1994

    The “Official report of the XVII Olympic Winter Games Lillehammer 1994” was innovative in more ways than just its title. Published in 1995 by LOOC, it is composed of a small-format set in four volumes, published in three separate versions: French, English and Norwegian. Each set also contains a CD-ROM containing electronic versions of all the texts, as well as video clips.
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    Grenoble 1968

    The “Xth Winter Olympic Games: official report” is composed of a two-volume set. Volume 1 addresses the preparation of the Games, and volume 2 their running and competition results. Published in 1969 as a bilingual French/English edition, this was the first official report of a Winter Games available in the IOC’s two official languages.
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    Lake Placid 1932

    The work: “III Olympic Winter Games, Lake Placid 1932: official report” provides a very full report on the organisation and running of the Olympic Games and a detailed history of the pioneering role of Lake Placid in the development of winter sport. It consists of one 291-page volume, published in English.
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    St. Moritz 1928

    The official report of St. Moritz 1928 is composed of two very brief volumes. The first, “Rapport général du Comité exécutif des IImes Jeux Olympiques d'hiver et documents officiels divers”, provides an official report on the organisation and running of the Games. The second, “Résultats des concours des IImes Jeux Olympiques d'hiver organisés à St. Moritz, 1928” lists the results by discipline. The two volumes were published in 1928, in French only.
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    Chamonix 1924

    For this first edition of the Olympic Winter Games, the official report is included in that of the Olympic Summer Games, Paris 1024, “Les Jeux de la VIIIe Olympiade Paris 1924: rapport officiel”. Entitled “Les sports d’hiver”, the part concerning the Chamonix 1924 Games starts on page 643, at the end of section III. This very detailed official report was published in French only.
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