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  • Yuna KIM | Athlete

    Yuna KIM

    | Figure Skating | 2 Medals
  • News | Vancouver 2010

    Yuna Kim turns Bond girl on 23 February 2010 en route to historic victory

    Yuna Kim is part of Olympic Winter Games history. Hers was one of the standout stories of Vancouver 2010, as she won the Republic of Korea’s first figure skating gold medal with a world record 228.56 points. It all began on 23 February with a stunning short programme routine choreographed to the James Bond theme music.
    23 Feb 2020 | Olympic News, Vancouver 2010, Figure Skating, Republic of Korea
  • Yuna Kim: Who's Your Hero | Video

    Yuna Kim: Who's Your Hero

    She is a heroine to many, a queen to others, but all super sports stars start somewhere, and, for Olympic figure skating champion Yuna Kim, her inspiration was two-time Olympic medallist and five-time world champion Michelle Kwan. In this exclusive YOG video, Yuna pays homage to her idol, sharing private memories of meeting the US figure skating legend for the first time and the pride she feels in being able to now call her a friend.
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