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  • News | Albertville 1992

    Unified front yields gold on the ice

    The Soviet Union had collapsed in the year leading up to these Games, and so its athletes competed under the unfamiliar flag of the Unified Team. However, many of the faces remained familiar as did their desire for success.
    23 Feb 1992 | Albertville 1992, Ice Hockey, Olympic News
  • News | Albertville 1992

    Yamaguchi inspired to skating glory

    When she was a child, Kristi Yamaguchi had a toy model of skater Dorothy Hamill. It was her most treasured possession, and it inspired an early fascination with figure skating. She soon discovered that she also had a natural talent for the sport, one that she honed assiduously to good effect.
    21 Feb 1992 | Albertville 1992, Figure Skating, Olympic News, United States of America
  • News | Sarajevo 1984

    Tretyak and USSR bury ghosts of 1980 in ice hockey triumph

    At the Sarajevo Games in 1984, the USSR’s ice hockey stars laid to rest the ghost of their painful shock defeat at the hands of the USA four years previously at Lake Placid – dubbed the Americans’ ‘Miracle on Ice’.
    19 Feb 1984 | Sarajevo 1984, Ice Hockey, Olympic News
  • News | Sarajevo 1984

    Hamilton walks tall after figure skating joy

    Scott Hamilton suddenly found himself the focus of America’s gold medal hopes when Team USA’s ice hockey team was dispatched from the 1984 Winter Games. Despite the pressure of an expectant nation desperate for Olympic glory, the diminutive skater held his nerve and delivered.
    16 Feb 1984 | Sarajevo 1984, HAMILTON, Scott, Figure Skating, United States of America, Olympic News
  • News | Sarajevo 1984

    Speed skater Boucher breaks Canada's golden duck

    Somewhat surprisingly, up until 1984 no Canadian male competitor had ever won an individual gold medal at the Olympic Winter Games. Speed skater Gaétan Boucher broke his country’s duck at the Sarajevo Games in 1984 in spectacular style, leaving with two gold medals and a bronze.
    10 Feb 1984 | Sarajevo 1984, BOUCHER, Gaétan
  • News | Lake Placid 1980

    US ice hockey rookies conjure up a Miracle on Ice

    Between 1952 and 1992 the Soviet ice hockey team enjoyed a near monopoly on Olympic success. The only nation to break its grip on the competition was its then Cold War rival, the USA – which most notably pulled off what came to be known as the Miracle on Ice at the 1980 Lake Placid Games. 
    02 Feb 1980 | Olympic News, Lake Placid 1980, Ice Hockey, Men, United States of America
  • News | Lake Placid 1980

    Homegrown hero Heiden sweeps the board in the speed skating

    Eric Heiden arrived at Lake Placid as a national hero and favourite to win all five men’s speed skating events. In the four years since he had appeared on the scene from nowhere as a callow 17-year-old, he had pulled off a shock World Championship victory in 1977 and successfully defended the title twice.
    02 Feb 1980 | Lake Placid 1980, Speed Skating, United States of America
  • News | Innsbruck 1976

    Soviet ice hockey maestros make it four in a row

    Few teams have dominated a sport quite so comprehensively and for such a long period as the Soviet Union’s ice hockey stars of the 1970s. The squad steamrollered its way through the decade, winning seven World Championships and two Olympic titles – with victory in 1976 securing a fourth straight gold in the competition.
    11 Feb 1976 | Olympic News, Innsbruck 1976, Ice Hockey, Men, USSR
  • News | Grenoble 1968

    Fire on ice from Firsov in the ice hockey

    The Ice hockey tournament was based on a league format, although most fans had already decided who they expected to win before the first match was played. The Soviet Union had won the world championships of 1965, 1966 and 1967 and had not lost an international match for five years. They also boasted a brilliant player who came to Grenoble in wonderful form – Anatoli Firsov, perhaps the finest ice hockey player in Russian history.
    17 Feb 1968 | Olympic News, Grenoble 1968, Ice Hockey, USSR, FIRSOV, Anatoli
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