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  • News | Olympic News

    Hurdles no obstacle as Dillard wins gold again

    Harrison Dillard had been hurdling since he was a boy, when he had sprinted down alleys, using used car parts as barriers. He was inspired by another famous American sprinter, the legendary Jesse Owens, who became his mentor, giving him a pair of spikes that he had used during the Berlin Olympics of 1936.
    26 Jul 1952 | Olympic News
  • News | Helsinki 1952

    Shotputter Zybina forges triumph out of tragedy

    There are those who are born to their sports, appearing destined for greatness from a young age. For others the road to the top is more circuitous. And then there are those, like the Soviet shotputter Galina Zybina, whose success seems completely astonishing.
    26 Jul 1952 | Helsinki 1952, Olympic News, Athletics, USSR
  • News | Helsinki 1952

    Civilian Hall wins modern pentathlon gold

    Like dressage, modern pentathlon threw open its doors to civilian competitors in Helsinki.
    25 Jul 1952 | Helsinki 1952, Olympic News, Modern Pentathlon, HALL, Lars, Sweden
  • News | Helsinki 1952

    Flying Remigino edges closest sprint in history

    Today, advances in technology have made it much easier to measure the split seconds and the fractional distances that often determine the destiny of competitions in the modern Olympic Games. We have action replays, virtual timing bars, crystal-clear photo finishes and digital timing to the thousandth of a second.
    21 Jul 1952 | Helsinki 1952, Olympic News, Athletics, United States of America
  • News | Helsinki 1952

    Shahinyan opens Olympic account with four medals

    Hrant Shahinyan hailed from Armenia - not a traditional gymnastics hotbed - and did not look like a natural gymnast, walking with a stick and sporting a neat moustache. Yet he was one of the world's great gymnasts, famed for his determination against the odds.
    21 Jul 1952 | Helsinki 1952, Olympic News, Armenia, Artistic Gymnastics
  • News | Los Angeles 1932

    Neri raises the bar

    Since the advent of the modern Olympic Games, Italian gymnasts had proved their pedigree, winning seven golds in the four editions between 1908 and 1924.
    10 Aug 1932 | Los Angeles 1932, Olympic News, Italy, Gymnastics
  • News | Stockholm 1912

    Kolehmainen crowned king of the track

    No track athlete had a better record at the 1912 Games than the Finn Hannes Kolehmainen, who took home three gold medals and set the same number of Olympic records. He could claim to be the first great distance runner of the Olympic Games, winning the 5,000m, 10,000m and individual cross country events in thrilling fashion – while also taking a silver in the team cross country discipline, which was effectively decided by aggregating the results achieved by a country’s competitors in the individual race.
    07 Jul 1912 | Stockholm 1912, Olympic News, Athletics, Finland
  • Alain Mimoun (FRA)

    Alain Mimoun (FRA)

    It was at the 1956 Games in Melbourne that French runner Alain Mimoun finally became Olympic champion, winning gold in the marathon. A friend and rival of the great Emil Zatopek, he had finished second three times in Olympic races behind the “Czech locomotive”: in the 10,000m at the 1948 Games in London, then in the 5,000m and 10,000m at the 1952 Games in Helsinki ©Keystone
    Tuesday, January 5, 2010 7:40 AM | Photo
  • Emil Zátopek (CZH)

    Emil Zátopek (CZH)

    Emil Zátopek is first to enter the stadium in the marathon at the 1952 Olympic Games in Helsinki ©IOC
    Wednesday, January 13, 2010 10:37 AM | Photo
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