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  • VAAAD037


    Squaw Valley 1960-4x 10 km : (FIN) 1st : ALATALO Toimi, HUHTALA Väinö, HAKULINEN Veikko and MÄNTYRANTA Eero.
    Sunday, January 31, 1960 11:00 PM | Photo
  • RAAKW058


    Oslo 1952-50 km free-HAKULINEN Veikko (FIN) 1st.
    Monday, February 18, 1952 11:00 PM | Photo
  • Hakulinen Skis Towards Gold

    Hakulinen Skis Towards Gold

    Finnish skier Veikko Hakulinen seen during his gold-medal winning run in the Men's 50km Cross-Country Skiing competition at the Winter Olympics in Oslo, Norway, February 22, 1952. (Photo by FPG/Getty Images)
    Thursday, February 21, 1952 11:00 PM | Photo
  • VAAAD038


    Squaw Valley 1960-BRUSVEN Haakon (NOR) 2e et HAKULINENVeikko (FIN) 1e.
    Sunday, January 31, 1960 11:00 PM | Photo
  • Trompe LOeil

    Trompe LOeil

    11th February 1964: The camera angle gives the impression that German Dieter Bokeloh, after take off from the Berg Isel in the Winter Olympics at Innsbruck, is about to land in the crowd. The event was won by Veikko Kankonnen of Finland, Bokeloh came fourth. (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images)
    Monday, February 10, 1964 11:00 PM | Photo
  • WAAHC054


    London 1948-HUHTANEN Veikko (FIN) 1st.
    Wednesday, December 31, 1947 11:00 PM | Photo
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