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  • Garmisch Patenkirchen 1936 Figure Skating Mixed Pairs | Video

    Garmisch Patenkirchen 1936 Figure Skating Mixed Pairs

    Ernst Baier and Maxi Herber revolutionised the pairs figure skating by integrating parallel jumps. The duo also won several World and European championships and gold at the 1936 Olympic Winter Games in Garmisch-Partenkrichen.
  • Berlin 1936 - Owens dominates the Games | Video

    Berlin 1936 - Owens dominates the Games

    Black American Jesse Owens wins four gold medals in front of the watching Adolf Hitler at the 1936 Summer Olympic Games in Berlin.
  • Biebl writes her name in women’s Alpine history | Video

    Biebl writes her name in women’s Alpine history

    Competing at a time when the Alpine Skiing World Cup had yet to come into existence (it made its debut 1967), the Bavarian-born Heidi Biebl was one of the greatest skiers of her generation and the finest German since Christl Cranz, the queen of the slopes in the 1930s who had been crowned the first female Olympic Alpine skiing champion at Garmisch-Partenkichen 1936.
  • Olympic medals, a family tradition - Aldo Montano - Athens 2004 | Video

    Olympic medals, a family tradition - Aldo Montano - Athens 2004

    The Montano family from Italy already had their place in Olympic fencing history previous to the Athens 2004 Olympic Games. The father, Aldo Montano competed in the Berlin 1936 and London 1948 Olympics, taking a silver medal in each of them. 24 years later, his son Mario Aldo Montano made his Olympic debut in Munich 1972, winning an Olympic gold medal. Mario Montano would still get two more medals, this time silver, in Montreal 1976 and Moscow 1980. In the Athens 2004 Olympic Games, Mario’s son Aldo Montano took with him not only his grandfather’s name, but also the family’s Olympic medal tradition. Reaching the final, Aldo had already kept to the family’s Olympic tradition by guaranteeing a medal. Now his objective was to take gold. The title match against Zsolt Nemcsik from Hungary was an uphill struggle for Montano. Nemcsik took an early 5x1 lead which forced the Italian to battle for a draw. At the end, with a tight 15-14 score, Aldo Montano won the Olympic gold medal and confirmed the Montano fencer family tradition. Three generations, six Olympic medals.
  • USA - Men - Basketball | Video

    USA - Men - Basketball

    Watch our video and relive the final of the men’s basketball tournament at Mexico City 1968, where USA overpowered Yugoslavia to remain the sport’s one and only gold-medal winners since its introduction to the Olympic programme back in 1936.
  • USA take gold in Olympic Rugby - USA vs France | Video

    USA take gold in Olympic Rugby - USA vs France

    Four years earlier in the Antwerp 1920 Olympic Games they had already been the finalists and the United States had taken the gold medal. Now, as the host nation of the Paris 1924 Olympic Games, France was ready to claim its second Olympic gold medal in rugby history.   Against both the French team and a home-crowd of 50,000 spectators, team USA surprised France and with five tries reached a 17-3 final score. The United States had beaten France for the second time at the Olympic Games gold medal match and were now double rugby champions.   The Paris 1924 Olympic Games were the last time rugby was in the Olympic Games as a medal event, with an exhibition competition being held in Berlin 1936.   At the Rio 2016 Olympics, rugby will be re-introduced as an Olympic sport in the Rugby sevens format.
  • Jesse Owens's Inspiring History | Video

    Jesse Owens's Inspiring History

    At the Berlin 1936 Olympics, Hitler planned to show the world that the Aryan people were the dominant race, Jesse Owens proved him wrong and sealed his place in Olympic history by becoming the most successful athlete of the 1936 Games. Owens also became the first american to win four track and field gold medals at a single Olympics (100m, 200m, 4x100m relay and long jump), a record that stood unbroken for 48 years. Jesse Owens (USA) - Athletics - Berlin 1936
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