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  • News | Helsinki 1952

    Barthel emerges from under middle-distance radar

    For much of Helsinki 1952, middle-distance runner Josy Barthel remained firmly under the radar. His initial successes had come in the military world championships of 1947 and 1948, and he had placed ninth in the 1,500m at the previous Olympic Games in London. So he was hardly a household name.
    26 Jul 1952 | Helsinki 1952
  • News | St. Moritz 1948

    Edy Reinalter - Alpine Skiing

    It is the reaction to pressure that sometimes tells. An athlete who knows that he or she must perform under the greatest scrutiny tends to either wilt, or to rise to the occasion. In St Moritz,  Edy Reinalter showed that when the pressure was growing, he could react.
    05 Feb 1948 | St. Moritz 1948, Alpine Skiing, Switzerland, Olympic News
  • News | St. Moritz 1948

    James Coates - Skeleton

    The skeleton competition was notable for the number of older athletes to take part. Silver medallist Jack Heaton was 39 while Britain's John Crammond was 41. Richard Bott, another British slider, was 47 while the United States sent over Mac MacCarthy, who was 51.
    04 Feb 1948 | St. Moritz 1948, Skeleton, Great Britain, Olympic News
  • News | St. Moritz 1948

    Schlunegger becomes first women's downhill winner

    Women's Alpine skiing had made little impact on the Olympic Winter Games prior to the Second World War and, just as it was with the men, these were the Games where we got the first women’s downhill champion.
    02 Feb 1948 | St. Moritz 1948, Alpine Skiing, Switzerland, Olympic News
  • News | Los Angeles 1932

    Lesage dazzles in the dressage

    Every Olympic Games produces moments of controversy; one of the most famous took place in the individual dressage event at Los Angeles 1932.
    10 Aug 1932 | Los Angeles 1932
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